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Plate Bending Rolls including Pinch
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This durable, easy-to-use plate roll will last for many years in small to medium shops. Its 3 hydraulically driven rolls can handle maximum capacity with ease and finish jobs faster. 4’ forming width. 3 gauge (¼”) mild sheet steel capacity. 3 hp motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power. Large planetary gearbox, connected to main motor, drives the top and bottom rolls. Industrial-grade hydraulic system drives all 3 rolls. Movable control pedestal includes foot pedals to run the rolling and buttons to move the forming roll up and down. Easy to operate: insert material, turn the handwheel to bring up the pinch roll, then use the foot pedals to start rolling. Just flip a switch to bring the back roll up at an angle for coning. Quick-release mechanism on the top roll makes it easy to slide off the finished work. Digital readout tracks the position of the back roll so you can make repeatable bends. Robust welded steel frame maintains accuracy and rigidity by keeping the rolls in alignment. Dual emergency stop cables are located on the front and back of the machine for your safety. Includes lifetime technical support by phone from a team with hands-on machine experience.

Length of Rolls48"
Max Thickness0.25"
# Rolls3
Power Rear Roll (Yes/No)yes
Roll Diameter7.5"

Item Number           PR-403 Forming Width           48" Roll Speed           4.67 RPM Upper Roll Diameter   5.91" Roller Adjustment Back   Hydraulic Minimum Forming Diameter  8.86" Motor                   3 HP Shipping Weight           4200lbs Shipping Dimensions   98" x 43" x 58"

Used 1/4″ Baileigh Plate Roll
Plate Bending Rolls including Pinch