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Press Brakes
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It's versatile, accurate, rugged, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. That's the way Betenbender makes its Press Brakes. Whether you bend plastic or steel, there's a Betenbender Hydraulic Press Brake to match your needs, ranging from the 20-ton model to the 550-ton. No matter the size, each machine features convenient operation for maximum output and ease of maintenance for maximum productivity. Betenbender goes the extra mile to build a Press Brake that works hard, works accurately, and stays that way for years to come. When your name goes on the finished product, so does your reputation. We feel the same way. Compare features. Compare results. You can count on first-class American technology, rugged durability, versatility, and economy when it's made by Betenbender Manufacturing, Inc

50 Ton Hydraulic Press Brakes

50 Ton Hydraulic Press Brakes
Press Brakes