Hydraulic Shears
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A precision cut doesn't happen by chance. It takes a shear that can make a razor-sharp cut time after time. Betenbender overdriven and underdriven Hydraulic Shears are designed to do exactly that. Betenbender designs simplicity and safety into its shears-with an advanced hydraulic system, and flexible operation. They're easy to operate, easy to maintain and able to withstand the rigors of today's production demands. A wide range of options are available.

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Controls: Push button and switch controls are at your fingertips. The fully guarded, 2-position 110v footswitch lets you interrupt the cutting stroke at any point in its cycle. Easy Material Handling: A sturdy backgauge and rake angle adjustment minimize twist and distortion. This makes it possible to increase the rake for cutting heavier stock and extend the maximum capacity of the machine. A 4' squaring arm with a recessed scale makes for fast, easy measurement. Single Piece Top and Bottom, High Carbon, High Chrome Shock Resistant Knives: Provide four separate edges for clean cuts and long blade life. Easy blade gap adjustment means precise cuts for a wide variety of materials. Electrical System: Meets NFPA 79 and construction requirements of the ANSI B11.4. All machines have disconnect switches magnetic starters, 110/120v controls, and 208-230/460v 3 phase, others optional. Backgauges: A Betenbender Shear is capable of shearing 1/8" (10 GA) material to the following tolerance: Dimension - The width of the off-cut portion of the workpiece is within ±0.005 inch of the backgauge setting.

3/8" Hydraulic Shears
Hydraulic Shears