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Circular Cold Saws
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Blade Dia14.5"
Power7.5 hp

• Semi-automatic operation • Heavy duty gear box coupled directly to saw makeup the robust saw head with manual movement on adjustable dual precision linear rails • Robust sawing head miters 45° left and right, and 60° left • Infinitely variable blade speed from 15-150 rpm • Anti-burr clamp with double locking system • Vertical pneumatic vise • Pneumatic operating vise capable of sliding on dovetail to adjust with saw head mitered position • Enclosed steel base with chip drawer and coolant tank • Replaceable blade brush • Ergonomically positioned control panel includes main disconnect, programmable sawing stroke, saw head feed rate control, and LED display for machine diagnostics • Adjustable material stop with ruler • Flood coolant with electrical coolant pump • One blade included (370 x 3 x 32 z=200)

Equipped With

• Foot pedal control with emergency stop • Second pneumatic horizontal operating vise • Mist lubrication system • K40 5’ roller table • “Flip over” material stops with 60” ruler • R2 ruler extensions for out feed roller tables • Roller table support stands (extra legs) • Roller table adapter – required if ordering roller table for out feed • HSS Oxide Coated Blade (370 x 3 x 32)

New Hyd-Mech C370-2SI Semi-Automatic Cold Saw

New Hyd-Mech C370-2SI Semi-Automatic Cold Saw
Circular Cold Saws